1. Colorado Trail, Denver, Colorado


The Colorado Trail in Denver is one of the best biking trails in the United States. The Colorado Trail is 535 miles in length and is set at an elevation of 5,508 feet above sea level.

At an intermediate difficulty level, this mountain trail is perfect for any biker who is more advanced than a beginner. The Colorado Trail is a single track with inspiring views, night riding options available, and an elevation that bikers are looking for out of Colorado trails.

If you are looking to challenge yourself and your cardio on these high-elevation trails, then the Colorado Trail of Denver, Colorado is one of the most popular mountain bike trails suited for intermediate riders seeking high-elevation challenges.

2. Kingdom Trails, East Burke, Vermont


Kingdom Trails of East Burke, Vermont, has been hailed as a five-star mountain biking trail that has received significant attention for its excellent three-part intermediate trail features. With an intermediate difficulty level, 110-mile trail, and a 1,268-foot elevation, the Kingdom Trails of New England is not too long, not too short, and has an elevation that is challenging but not lung-busting.

These conditions make it perfect to bike on this amazing trail that offers something for every type of rider. Kingdom Trails also has many trail features that many bikers would love to utilize. While some bikers prefer a trail that is away from people, out in the mountains, others prefer some amenities for safety and for biking under targeted circumstances.

Kingdom Trails offers water stations, pump track, restroom availability, and even a targeted winter fat biking. If you are seeking a trail with multiple offerings and room to grow, this trail of East Burke, Vermont is a five-star option.

3. Merrell Trail, Rockford, Michigan


The Merrell Trail is a 100% single track measuring 8.3 miles in length. Perfect for those looking for a shorter track as opposed to an all-day outing, Merrell Trail has grades ranging from 3% to 12% which is perfect to challenge any mountain biker and avoid plateauing.

Merrell Trail offers unique features such as the Devil Dancer elevated bridge and boulder option, which is an exciting for bikers who love to jump gaps and other fun biking. The trail is also open for night riding, which is amazing for those wanting to bike at night on West Michigan’s only true flow trail.

What is important to note is Merrell Trail is one-way by day. Make sure you check the date to see which direction the trail is running for your ride.

4. Monarch Crest—IMBA Epic, Poncha Springs, Colorado


Monarch Crest is truly one of the best trails in the nation. With a 34.6-mile trail and 85% single track, the Monarch Crest combines three trails into a legendary bike ride: The Monarch Trail, Silver Creek Trail, and a portion of the Rainbow Trail. The final few miles are paved downhill to give the rider a cool down back to Poncha Springs.

Located in Colorado, you can expect a very high altitude, extreme afternoon weather with little notice, and a definite need to be self-sufficient. Be sure to bring plenty of water, food, and multi-tool kit to maintain your mountain bike.

Due to the size of the trails of Monarch Crest, shuttles area available. However, they are unobtrusive and necessary to get to your starting point. There is also a small shop available for anything you may need before heading out, such as tubes for your bike, tires, gloves, snacks, drinks, and more. Since problems do happen, basic services are also offered, such as derailleur adjustments, repairs of flat tires, and other minor work.

5. The Whole Enchilada, Moab, Utah


One of the best trails in the nation is located in Moab, Utah. This in itself is unsurprising since biking trails in Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and other states in the West are frequently the best due to the natural mountainous ranges that provide the perfect location for the nation’s best, most challenging, and beautiful biking trails around.

The Whole Enchilada of Moab, Utah is a well-respected and favored track that has wild variations in grade, elevation, track type, amenities, and paths. This makes this trail one of the most exciting in the nation for intermediate to expert bikers.

The Whole Enchilada contains 50% single track, alpine passes, sandstone canyons of the Colorado River, and paved bike path. This trail covers nearly every type of riding and trail conditions in one, incredible feat. Technically considered a complete loop, this trail starts in town on paved roads, transitions into single track, alpine passes, sandstone canyons, and then returns all the way back to town. The trail is 33.8 miles in length, which is perfect for a long 5 ½ hour bike ride. Not short and not incredibly long, The Whole Enchilada is unsurprisingly ranked number 1 in the La Sal Mountain area in Utah.

Shuttle services are offered for riders who wish to begin their journey from Geyser Pass in the La Sal Mountains. You can take these shuttles to hit the toilet near a parking area before starting your journey. Amenities on this trail are non-obtrusive, which keeps the serenity and scenery alive while offering needed services to bikers.